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OctWin 1286OctWin 1564Homes built years ago and homes today have many things in common.  One of those being that the original windows may have little to no insulating value.  Does your window have the old wooden sashes or single panes of glass?  Is your window sash or frame rotting from the outside?  Do you notice a difference in temperature just standing by the window?  You could probably benefit from a replacement window meeting the higher build standards of current construction practices.  


Have a newer home?  Many builders will keep costs down in the total home build by using what is known in the industry as "Builder Grade" windows.  Unfortunately these windows are often made on the cheap, the glass may or may not meet the higher building standards set forth in current building codes, or the vinyl (that is often used) may be thin and fragile.


We are committed to using quality windows that have appropriate insulation values to make your home more comfortable.  Proper installation is KEY to having a window that not only looks good, works properly, and has the best insulation value.  We have removed several windows that had little or NO insulation around the frame!  In our installation process we caulk and spray-foam around the entire window opening, ensuring that we have proper detailing to keep water and air out of your home.