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IMG 2104Flooring is one of the most challenging decisions for any home renovation.  It requires thoughtful consideration on what room(s) the flooring will be used in and what risk there is to water exposure.  While many people love the idea of laminate flooring, this is not the ideal flooring for kitchens or bathrooms or anywhere where there is a high risk of water.  While many floors are water resistant, few are water safe.  


At Trinity Home Improvement we offer several flooring options, from laminates, to engineered wood, and hard-wood flooring.  Let us help you pick the right flooring for your home.


LAMINATE is a great option for many areas in your home, and is generally the most cost effective option.  Where laminate is generally not recommended for installation is in the bathroom and kitchen, due to the very high risk of moisture.  However there are a couple laminates out now that are waterproof, of course you do pay a little more for this but it is well worth the extra cost.  


ENGINEERED WOOD is a great option if you are looking for that hardwood finished floor look and feel without the expense of solid hardwood.  Essentially engineered wood floors are strips of plywood that are glued together with a thin layer of hardwood as the finished layer.  These floors often come pre-finished and generally cannot be refinished or can only be refinished once.  Like the laminate flooring this material is not ideal for wet areas of your home.


HARDWOOD FLOORING is among the most desired flooring and for good reason.  This flooring is among the most durable and beautiful flooring on the market.  You typically have the ability to refinish these floors at least a few times, and as infrequently that occurs in the life of a home, these floors will typically last a lifetime.  When these floors are cared for and protected properly they will hold up well even in those wet locations such as your bath and kitchen.